Staying in Touch…


  We had a marvelous time playing last month at Molly Malone’s and the audience was full of praises too which is always very satisfying! Like the following tweet expresses: @MollyMalones listening to the beautiful and talented @FrancesLivings and band. …

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Songs of the Soul ~ In Memory of Zane Musa (1979 – 2015)

BANNER_Songs-of-the-Soul-Zane-Musa-without words

Drink in hand, we sat down, shortly before the show was to begin. It was the summer of 2005 and I was on one of my first visits to Los Angeles from Germany, where the guitarist Greg Porée and I …

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Frances Livings Ipanema Lounge ~ Repertoire ~ French Chansons


  I have always had a very strong affinity towards the French culture – and I am not only referring to the delicious food. I was thrilled to start learning French at middle school and very excited about being able …

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Still Lifes ~ The Art of Depicting Tranquillity


It was just one of these mornings. Lying there in bed, I felt as if my life was washing over me like a big grey wave, the murky waters were draining off, revealing bit of useless debris. My music and my writing, appeared like mere …

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Frances Livings’ Ipanema Lounge ~ New Album Out Soon!


Frances Livings’ Ipanema Lounge I am very excited to announce that we have almost finished recording a new 12-song world jazz album called “Ipanema Lounge”. The songs range from dramatic and emotional, melancholic, to up-tempo, fun and groovy. Atmospherically, the recordings create a …

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Ipanema Lounge ~ A New Musical Addition!


Post by Frances Livings. Related articles Piazzolla: Escualo CD review – elegant, smooth, idiomatic A Night of Tango with Cuartero Suerte Loca Music Review: Jazz-Crossover Albums from Roger Davidson, Gary Gray, and Pascal Bokar ‘Song of Eva Perón’ sizzles at …

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Creative Influences ~ Sneezles by A. A. Milne on Record-A-Poem


When a couple of weeks ago, I was asked to pick a children’s piece to record as a segment for a voice-over demo, a cute little poem came to mind – something with sneezing. Via Dr. Google it was quickly retrieved …

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Creative Influences ~ Poetry. Sun at Midnight


Sun at Midnight                              by Joseph Mary Plunkett and Frances Livings I saw the sun at midnight, rising red, Deep-hued yet glowing, heavy with the stain Of …

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National Poetry Month, April 2014


Rapid technological development has led to a constant flood of visual and acoustic bits and bites – emails, text messages and Facebook updates. For most of us it has become a habit to react, one that often leaves us frazzled …

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Livings in Los Angeles. Closet Stories – The Hollywood Uniform

Clifford Coffin, American Vogue, June 1949 – © Condé Nast

It’s true. Most transplants here in Los Angeles are quite obsessed with detecting and pointing out how different things are. I belong to them. One of the things that struck me immediately on my first visit to L.A. in 2006 …

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